Kacey Musgraves Gets the Fright of Her Life on 'Ellen'


There’s good news, and there’s scary news. Kacey Musgraves got both Monday (10/8) when she paid The Ellen DeGeneres Show a visit to promote her new Oh, What a World: Tour.

First, the daytime funny lady told the “High Horse” singer she and wife Portia “were obsessed” this summer with Kacey’s latest album Golden Hour. But the interview got scarier from there as Kacey began the story of one of the craziest jobs she’s ever had.

"I performed as Hannah Montana at birthday parties," she says of her early days trying to make it in the music industry.  "That was a short brief stint. It didn’t go that well. I got paid in change." As Kacey continues to set the scene describing how her Hannah Montana wig looked like hay and she carried around a boombox to complete her Disney star getup, Ellen shocked the country singer with a Hannah Montana lookalike, who burst from the side table. “Oh my God!” Kacey said in reaction, literally getting scared out of her seat.

Kacey now joins a select group of country stars who have been scared on Ellen, including Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler and Garth Brooks. Kacey’s Oh, What a World: Tour kicks off October 13 in Oslo, Norway.


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