Airports Are Getting Rid of German Sheperds Because Why?!

Well this is umm...crazy?

German shepherds are no longer what the Transportation Security Administration is looking for in an airport screening dog. Their ears are too pointy. YUP. Too pointy....

The TSA Administrator said”We've made a conscious effort in TSA to use floppy ear dogs. We find the passenger acceptance of floppy ear dogs is just better. It presents just a little bit less of a concern. Doesn’t scare children." 

In the last year, 80 percent of dogs purchased by TSA from vendors were Labrador retrievers, German short-haired pointers, wirehaired pointers, Vizslas and golden retrievers. 

All have droopy ears.  That doesn't mean TSA rejects all pointy-eared dogs. If a dog scores high on health, odor detection, socialization and disposition, it can still get a job. But the dogs that screen passengers are more likely to have floppy ears, which are deemed less intimidating. 

Pointy ears scare there's that. 

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