Netflix's 'YOU' is Renewed for a Second Season

HOLY COW...I binge-watched this show in like two days because of how ADDICTING IT WAS!

"You" is one of the most talked about shows from NETFLIX right now. 

It's basically about a guy (Joe) who finds out everything about a girl he likes (Beck) and ends up stalking her.

There are CRAZY twists and turns and the end is insane.'s officially been picked up for a second season! said:

 "Part of the fun of continuing the story is that the loose ends from Joe's past are still dangling and could come back to him at any time.

"He is very worried about the fact that Peach Salinger's family has hired people to investigate her alleged suicide, and there is evidence potentially still at her house from season one.

"If you look at every act of violence that he does in season one, that is potentially something that could come back and bite him. And Dr. Nicky is in prison and he is ardently protesting his innocence."

She added: "It's too soon to say definitely whether John Stamos will return in season two, but we have been talking a lot about the character and we're excited to keep telling that story."


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