Strangers Share Stories of The Nicest Thing A Stranger Has Done For Them

People on Reddit are posting what the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for them. And they are AMAZING!! 

**Diaper changing story- One man shared a story about his wife leaving him shortly after their child was born. He was out to dinner with some friends and had to change his baby’s diaper. After finding out there wasn’t a changing station in the men’s room, he asked a woman leaving the lady’s bathroom if anyone was inside. When he was trying to sort through the diaper bag, the woman offered to change the boy. He said it was fine, but she insisted and he let her help. The guy thanked her profusely and didn’t realize how much stress he’d been under since his wife left him.

**Shirt-grabbing savior- Another person shared when they were eight-years-old they walked into the road without looking. Luckily, a stranger grabbed their shirt just before a car drove by.

**Key returned- One girl lost her keys while she was out at a club. The next day she had a letter in her mailbox with a guy’s phone number. She texted him and he admitted he found her keys at the club. He recognized the building they belonged to (student housing), came to the building and tried the keys on every mailbox until he found the right one.

**Bouquet of flowers- One woman spent extra time helping a customer after her co-workers were annoyed that she asked a lot of questions. The customer left and about 30 minutes later waived down the employee as she went on her lunch break. She bought the employee a bouquet of flowers thanking her for the help.

**Backpack provider- One person was struggling to carry all their books after getting off the bus. The person already had a backpack full of them. A woman noticed the person struggling to get on their bike and ran out to provide another bag for the extra books.

**Airport kindness in Paris- The metro isn’t wheelchair friendly in the city and the person’s mother-in-law couldn’t get to where they needed. The poster said two men picked up his mother-in-law in her wheelchair, carried her up a flight of steps, through the turnstile and down another flight of stairs to the platform. The men wanted nothing more than a “thank you.”

**A child’s kindness- One woman was very depressed and admitted she wasn’t feeling good about herself. One day as she was vacuuming her apartment complex, a young girl looked at her and said, “Oh my gosh, you are just beautiful. Wow!” It caught the woman off guard and brought a smile to her face.


We also asked Facebook is anyone had them below!! (The drunken taxi story is AMAZING!!)

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