Castle Rock Planning to Reuse Own Waste Water to Create Safe Drinking Water

According to KDVR:

Although all water is recycled or reused, Castle Rock is joining a growing list of communities around the country that are changing the way its being done.
After water is used in homes and businesses, it goes down the drain and is sent to their treatment plant. At the plant, its treated and released into East Plum Creek and instead of allowing that water to be lost to downstream communities, where other cities use their water, Castle Rock Water will recapture it from the creek so they can purify it and then reuse it.
Castle Rock has been planning for reuse water since 2006.
Officials say the reuse water will make up a third of the town's water supply.
"It's about being cost effective with the water we have a right to use," said Mark Marlow, the director of Castle Rock Water. "This will avoid us having to go get water from a long distance away."

They said they plan on starting the program in CR in 2020.


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