Meet The Family...Hometown Dates

Last night on The Bachelor, Colton Underwood met the FAMILIES on the hometown dates.

Cassie’s dad refused to grant Colton permission to propose to his daughter. Going against everything that is Bachelor Nation, he said, “A lifelong commitment shouldn’t be taken at all lightly. Too often I think it’s done without enough thought.”

Cassie earned a rose despite withdrawing her “I love you” statement a week early. She’s not 100 percent ready to commit. Or playing hard to get-- to win.

Caelynn was prepared to accept Colton’s proposal. By the end of her hometown date, Caelynn said, “I am fully in love with you. I feel like it's us at the end. It feels good to be in love.” Then Colton didn't give her a rose. Caelynn cried on his shoulder feeling like Colton blindsided her.

Hannah G got a rose. Her awkward hometown date included an etiquette class that showed Colton how he does everything wrong. Hannah said, “He is somebody who I truly, truly see it possibly working with at the end.” Gotta love Hannah's confidence in repeating "truly" followed by a "possibly."

Tayshia also believes she is the one for Colton. But her dad had other thoughts. He chastised Tayshia for going on The Bachelor to find a husband, “Oh my god! You don't microwave relationships. That’s what's going on.”

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