Kanye West is Contractually Forbidden from Retiring

Well this is WILD.

Kanye West couldn't retire if he wanted to. It's in his contract. Literally. 

Kanye is suing to get out of his deal with EMI, and as part of the case, he submitted a clause from the contract that really spells out just how EVIL these entertainment companies can be.

It says that Kanye must, quote, "remain actively involved in writing, recording and producing Compositions and Major Label Albums."

He may NOT "seek to retire as a songwriter, recording artist or producer or take any extended hiatus during which [he is] not actively pursuing [his] musical career."

BUT, the California Labor Code says that personal service contracts can't last more than seven years. Kanye's been with EMI since 2003. EMI has used various options to extend the contract over the years. But Kanye's had enough of that.


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