These Sustainable Retailers Reward You For Recycling Clothes!

Clothing waste is a big problem for the environment, with each American tossing about 70 to 80 pounds of clothes on a yearly basis! Yikes...

And about 85% of that textile waste ends up in landfills, but it can be recycled instead and that’s better for the planet. So how do we responsibly get rid of wardrobe pieces we no longer wear? Luckily, these brands make it easy and have donation bins in their stores and some will even reward customers with a discount on future buys. THIS IS SO COOL!

  • H&M Group-These nine brands, including H&M, have collected 78,000 tons of clothing through customer donations since starting a recycling program in 2013. H&M donates about one cent per pound to charities from that and has a goal of using 100% sustainably sourced materials by 2030. To donate your unwanted clothing, bring it to any H&M around the world and get 15% off per donation.

  • The North Face- They accept clothing donations from any brand, in any condition at all of their retail locations and they donate them toSoles4Souls, a non-profit that creates sustainable jobs and provides disaster relief through clothing and footwear donations. Bring your unwanted clothes to any North Face store and get $10 off your next North Face purchase over $100.

  • Levi's-The denim makers offer in their stores, so bring in any unwanted denim - not just jeans - and save 20% on a single item.

  • For Days-This subscription service lets members “buy” basics and then exchange them for new ones indefinitely. Members pay a one-time fee to join and then $8 for each swap. To join, sign up for a free and get a Recycle Bag with your first order, then you’ll get a $4 credit when you return the bag.

  • Patagonia- Bring in used, worn Patagonia gear to any Patagonia store to get store credit on your next Patagonia purchase. Credits range from $10 to $100,depending on the item.

  • Madewell- This retailer takes any and all jeans, new, used, and from any brand, and they go toBlue Jeans Go Green,a company that repurposes denim into housing insulation, which is then used in homes built by Habitat for Humanity. Bring in your unwanted jeans to any Madewell lcoation and get $20 per donated pair.

So you can be a good Eco-friendly person AND get coupons. DONE AND DONE.

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