Trying To Find the Sunflower Field in Denver?!

Have you been seeing a bunch of people taking photos on Instagram in the sunflower field near DIA?!

And you're like BUT WHERE IS IT?!?!

I got you...

The easiest way is to just put "Imboden Road" into your GPS. That's how I found it.

If you have trouble with that, the fields are between 56th and 104th st.

According to Denver7:

"There’s more than one sunflower field in the area, but picture-seekers beware: The fields are private property. Some of the fields are owned by the airport and leased to local farmers."

They explained that you ARE allowed to take photos of the sunflowers but it is private property. You must safely pull to the side of the road first.

Also DO NOT pick the flowers, they are property of said farmers.


Tag us in your photos when you go @1067thebullCO !!

Xo- Chelsea

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