10 Old School Fashions Making A Comeback!

Top 10 old school fashion trends making a comeback baby!!

  1. High waisted, loose fitting mom jeans. As you can see from pic of me above, I rocked them in the 90's :)
  2. Fanny Packs- they used to be worn around the waist, now the trend is over the shoulder.
  3. Over sized, plaid blazers are going to be everywhere this fall.
  4. Scrunchies were EVERYTHING in the 80's and they are back for those cut ponytails.
  5. Barrettes will help add a little pop to your hairstyle, go bright and bold colors.
  6. Tie-dye is supposed to be the print of the fall season.
  7. Striped sweaters from the 70's are making a big comeback for fall.
  8. Neon from the 80's will be seen, but should be paired with neutral colors to give a softer look.
  9. Puffy sleeves are popping up everywhere.
  10. Chunky white shoes for both men and woman, dubbed as "Dad Shoes."

mom jeans

mom jeans

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