This Guy Used COFFEE to Rescue Kittens Frozen to the Road!

This is so sad. But so happy at the same time!

An oil worker in Canada named Kendall Diwisch was in his truck last Wednesday when he found three kittens that were FROZEN to the road.

It turned out someone abandoned them in the snow. And it was so cold, their tails froze to the ground. UGH STUPID PEOPLE.

Luckily he found them just in time though, and was able to free them by pouring lukewarm COFFEE on their tails. Now a video of it is going viral.

It's not clear how long they'd been there.

He took them home and gave them some food and water. Then he brought them to a shelter.

And here's the best part: Someone immediately adopted ALL THREE of them. So they're still together and won't be split up!!!

Love happy endings! Thank goodness for good people and coffee!

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