Check Out ALL The Easter Eggs in Taylor Swift's New Video 'The Man'

Taylor Swift dropped the long awaited music video for, "The Man," today!!

It is SO DANG GOOD. A lot of people also pointed out that she dropped the video on February 27th. Which of course, is the day the Supreme Court upheld the 19th Amendment 98 years ago, allowing women to vote! Very cool.

There are a ton of other Easter eggs in the video. See below:

I completely missed the Scooter Braun Easter egg the first time I watched the video. SAVAGE.

There are also some theories that Taylor threw some shade at Kanye West with the hallway scene in the video.

Watch video below (around the 2:15 mark) :

Taylor NEVER seems to disappoint when it comes to her videos. This one was no different.

Bravo Taylor!

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