Video Resurfaces of Joe Exotic Trashing Miranda Lambert in an Interview

Talk about a topical throwback!

Miranda Lambert posted these photos to her Facebook:

That's Joe Exotic! From the Tiger Kind documentary on Netflix.

One fan commented under the photo saying:

"This was September 2017, during the rescue of shelter animals from hurricane Harvey. They needed volunteers with trailers and kennels to help move animals from Texas to Oklahoma and Joe and his crew helped. Joe told me about meeting Miranda and her Mutt Nation crew."

But then....

There's an older interview with Joe Exotic, where he talks SMACK about Miranda Lambert and her MuttNation Foundation from when he says he assisted her in rescuing animals after a hurricane.

Watch it below:

So what do you think?

In a lot of animal rescue situations, you're rescuing malnourished animals, and transporting them to a better life. That seems to be what the MuttNation foundation was doing here right?

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