Remembering Rikki Olds

I'm a mom of two boys, 18 and 21. Looking at the picture below of Rikki Olds breaks my heart, it's so difficult not to cry or figure out how to digest the feelings that happening right now. What if it was my child, my dad, uncle, sister? I want you know it's ok to have these feeling and if you need to talk to someone please call 1-844-493-TALK or

God Bless you.


A Statement from the Family of Rikki Olds

Provided by Robert Olds – Uncle to Rikki Olds

On behalf of the Olds family, we want to thank the community and Rikki’s friends and co-workers for the outpouring of support for our family. Today we are mourning the loss of our granddaughter, daughter, sister, niece, cousin, friend and colleague. Rikki Olds was truly one of a kind. She didn’t follow trends—she made them.

From the outside, you might notice her colorful hair, her bubbly personality, her laughter and a smile that lit up the room. For those of you lucky enough to call her friend, you knew she was a type of person who would always be there for you. She’d embrace you and give you confidence to be the person you want to be. She was a giver to others, and she gave herself to her career. She aspired to work up the ranks of King Soopers, and she strived to be the best manager she could be to her work family. In fact sometimes that even caused her guilt because she had to correct employees she considered friends and family. Whatever Rikki set her mind to do, she would do it. She had the tenacity and big dreams to make a great life for herself and to help others along the way.

No one can replace Rikki and the happiness she brought to our lives. Our family is suffering a great loss, and we will get through this together one day at a time. On behalf of our family, thank you for honoring Rikki’s legacy and the light she was in this world. Our hearts go out to the other victims’ families who are going through the same grief we are. We especially want to recognize Officer Eric Talley, who sacrificed his life and is a hero in our hearts. May we never forget their lives and the impact they made. Thank you.

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