What Buyers Really Notice

New research has revealed exactly what people look for when looking at property listings online and what can put them off, from bright color to family photos or personal decorations.

Here's what buyers really notice about your house:

Contrasting Colors

When flicking through property photos, buyers are drawn to bright colors, as well as any unusual objects. Although particularly loud features were found to be a negative, little flashes of color caught people's attention and were received positively.

If looking to make your own listing stand out, buyers are drawn to even small bits of contrast, such as colorful flowers or fruit. A few little touches could get you a lot more attention.

People and Faces

The researched proved people liked little human touches, like family photos or personal decorations. But it's important not to overdo the personalization. Too many personal touches can make it hard for buyers to visualize the property as their own


People immediately look at how rooms are furnished and the furniture has a large impact on their overall impression of the home.

The study found that buyers are often unable to separate a room from the furniture and decorations in it, so if they don't like them, they will quickly move on.

Floor plans

When viewing listings online, floor plans are the best way for buyers to visualize a property's layout.

Participants checked to see if the listing had a floor plan, then would view the images, and then return to look at the layout.

Main image

The study found that people form an opinion about properties within the opening 2 or 3 seconds.

It will always be the first thing people see, so it needs to stand out. If the first image didn't make an impression many participants simply skimmed over the property and clicked away quickly.


The testing found that buyers' eyes are instantly drawn to clutter and that they can form a negative impression instantly, often leading to them leaving the listing. A little cleaning can go a long way.

Image quality

High quality images are essential as viewers showed a strong dislike to photos that are blurred or unclear. Participants quickly clicked off poor images and the negative impression formed could easily influence how they viewed the property.

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