11 Year Old Fight Off Attacker

A 11 year old girl in Florida fought a kidnapper and even left evidence, she learned how to do it by watching Law & Order: SVU

Police nabbed the culprit. Jared Paul Stanga was easily identifiable. Sheriff Chip Simmons said (quote) “When we caught him, the suspect had blue slime all over his arms.”

Earlier this week, Alyssa Bonal fought off the knife-wielding attack. Then smeared him with homemade blue slime that she’d been playing with. Her mother explained (quote) “We regularly watch Law & Order: SVU. She knew to leave some sort of evidence behind.”

Mariska Hargitay took to instagram to praise her courage, “I am so relieved and grateful to know that you are safe. You are one brave, strong and smart young woman.”

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