Ross & Rachel Truly Did Love Each Other!

HBO MAX has seen a huge rise in subscriptions and say most are going directly to the Friends Reunion. It's not what you expect. They are not recreating the show, just reliving the show. It's crazy how much the famous friends are admitting to after all of these years.

David Schwimmer admitted to having a “major crush on Jennifer Aniston.” She felt the same. They never acted on it. But channeled those emotions into the first Ross and Rachel kiss and boy it worked!

Matt LeBlanc required hospitalization for a shoulder that he dislocated on set. It happened the only time the cast did not huddle before taping an episode. They took it as an omen and made the pre-show huddle a tradition.

Courteney Cox auditioned for the role of Rachel. Then convinced producers that she was more suited to play Monica.

Oh, Lady Gaga makes an appearance to sing with Lisa Kudrow. That's all I'm telling you, you have to watch it yourself :)

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