This Bride is Being Called Too Cheap

A Bride is Being Criticized for Trying to Cut Costs at Her Wedding, what do you think about it?

A bride-to-be posted two videos on TikTok last week sharing the things she and her fiancé would not have at their wedding, because of how costly they are.

In one video, the future bride said she wouldn't be sending save-the-dates, having a guest book, giving out party favors, or using real flowers at her nuptials. She said she planned to use silk flowers and DIY her arrangements.

She also said she would get married on a weeknight because her venue was cheaper to reserve during the week than on the weekend.

In a second video, the bride said she wouldn't have a big wedding cake, as the base cost of a three-tiered cake with no decorations in her area was over $500.

She bought a small cake that she and her fiancé could cut and would provide Krispy Kreme doughnuts for her guests.

She said that she hired a DJ for only a portion of the evening and intended to use a playlist for the rest of the night. She also said she’d buy her veil on Etsy or eBay to further cut costs.

Her guests will RSVP through a wedding website rather than through the mail.

Overall, she and her fiancé are saving money by focusing on the parts of the wedding that are most important to them and that they hoped other couples do the same.

The couple received criticism from viewers on TikTok. The bride hit back, saying: “To all the Karen's who blew up my tiktok overnight because I don't want a guest book and are having a mid week wedding for OUR wedding, this is OUR wedding, not yours. We hope our guests are coming to celebrate us as a couple and not for the free stuff.”

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