Anyone Know What Kind of Spider This Is?

I was drinking my morning coffee, scrolling through Facebook like I normally do.....YUCK, this thing pops up!!

Laura Greer posted this pic on the page You Know You Are From Denver When with the post below.

Of course IT WAS A MUST TO SHARE WITH YOU! If you have any ideas what kind of spider this is....or is it a spider...please let us know.

I saw this spider thing tonight. I'm a Colorado native & I have never seen anything like this before. What the heck is it? It was moving pretty quickly but I was able to get a couple shots before it disappeared. It looks like a spider carrying something. It had 8 normal legs & then these extremely long leg things. It would of had to be carrying it in its mouth as all 8 legs are showing. I never saw the under part to see if it was just bringing dinner home. Any thoughts?

Edit: The picture is zoomed in quite a bit. It was pretty small, well except for the gigantic legs sticking out the sides.

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