The Zodiac Killer Identified

The Zodiac killer has been identified, unfortunately 3 years too late. Gary F Poste died in 2018.

It took 53 years to solve the question, "Who is the Zodiac killer?" Gary F Poste was one of America's most prolific serial murderers and terrorized communities in the California. He also left behind unsolvable riddles.

More than 40 former law enforcement investigators, military intelligence officers and journalist believe he is also responsible for a slaying hundreds of miles away that was never linked to him.  The Zodiac taunted authorities with ciphers in letters and sent to newspapers and law enforcement. They now realize they had to take out all of the letters that spelled his name in order to solve one of the riddles.

The slayings have spawned books, movies and documentaries in the years since, and amateur and professional sleuths have pored over the case in an effort to unmask the killer. 

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