Jason Momoa Moving Back to CO?

Yes it's true that Jason Momoa was a once self proclaimed "snowboard and climbing bum" while living in Fort Collins. Before acting, he worked at Horsetooth Reservoir as a busser at Bissetti's and lived at Ram's Point Apartments.

He decided to move back to Hawaii to fulfill his passion of surfing and that's where he was spotted for Baywatch Hawaii.....BOOM, his acting career began.

His love for Colorado has allegedly never vanished, he's been rumored to visit often.

Ready for the rumor that is rapidly spreading across CO? There is a home being built in Northern Colorado, on Horsetooth mountain. Everyone is being required to sign NDA's, so that tells us it's someone that is famous, mega rich or just likes privacy.....possibly ALL of those things, which leads us wondering who it is. Since Aquaman once lived there and has been spotted a few times visiting, we are placing bets on the superstar.

If not, it's fun to think about and guess who it might be.

Any guesses?

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