Britney Spears Wedding Crasher

Britney Spears “freaked out” over an uninvited wedding guest at her Thousand Oaks, California home. Her first husband of 55-hours, Jason Alexander, stormed through the mansion. He live-streamed a tour of the property while calling out her name until security tackled him to the pavement.

According to TMZ, Jason announced himself to one of the wedding workers. “My name's Jason Alexander. Britney Spears invited me here. She’s my first wife, my only wife. I'm her first husband. I'm here to crash the wedding.”

Ventura County Sheriff Deputies responded to calls Thursday afternoon about a trespasser. They arrested Alexander on two outstanding warrants for felony grand theft. He faces new charges of trespassing, vandalism and battery.

Britney’s attorney Mathew Rosengart promised that he is working closely with law enforcement to ensure Jason Alexander is aggressively prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The wedding turned out beautiful and had A list celebrities attending. Madonna, Selena Gomez, Paris Hilton, Drew Barrymore and Donatella Versace sang "Vogue" with Britney on the dance floor.

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