Red Roses Before The Stanley Cup

YES the Colorado AVS are Stanley Cup Champs AGAIN!!

It was an amazing night and the team kept saying "WE" did it! When they said "WE" they were not only referring to the players, but also the team behind the players. It takes a supportive family to ensure that the players can show up each and every single day to focus on being the best they can be.

It was quick, so you may have missed it. Last night one of the commentators mentioned that Joe and Debbie Sakic went to every team player and family to give a single red rose before the game. The red rose was more than just a way to say thanks for your hard work or good luck. The red rose signified the hard work and dedication the entire family put forth so this day could come for each player.

Debbie Sakic, wife to GM and former AVS player Stanley Cup Champ Joe Sakic, lived that life for many years and still continues. She raised 3 beautiful and successful children while dad was grinding every single day at the rink. Don't get me wrong, Debbie will be the first to tell you that Joe is an incredible dad and husband but the support at home is key to anything that happens on the ice.

We should be proud that we have a couple like the Sakic's that give the extra love and support to our Stanley Cup Champions and family members.....the true team!

Pic below is Debbie and Joe Sakic with the cup on the plane heading home to Denver.

The parade and rally will be Thursday at Civic Center park 9am. Parade starts at 10am at Union Station.

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