Johnny Depp's debut art collection sells out in hours for nearly $4M

Johnny Depp's debut art collection "Friends & Heroes" sold out in just hours on a London art gallery's website Thursday, earning the actor millions.

Castle Fine Art Gallery listed 780 prints featuring pop art-style portraits of Bob Dylan, Elizabeth Taylor, Al Pacino and Keith Richards.

"This world-first release proved to be our fastest-selling collection to date, with all titles selling out in just hours," the gallery announced on Instagram.

Depp focused on "people he has known well, and who have inspired him as a person," according to the gallery. "Each image is an intimate reflection of their character in Johnny's eyes; a portrayal of how they have revealed themselves to him."

Al Pacino has been a close friend since the pair starred in the 1997 crime drama "Donnie Brasco," bonding over a "shared tendency towards creative lunacy," a brochure for the collection states.

He and Keith Richards share a love of music, particularly "obscure blues tracks," and he called the Rolling Stones guitarist "the coolest rock 'n' roll star of all time" in the brochure. Richards partly inspired Depp's character Captain Jack Sparrow in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise.

The silk-screen limited-edition portraits are sold individually and as a box set. The set of four goes for $15,040 and a single portrait is listed for $3,973.

Depp earned over $3.6 million from Thursday's sales, according to the Sunday-Times.


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