Feet Secret

It's been a while since I wore high heels. Saturday night I emceed the Cattle Barons Ball in Windsor for American Cancer Society in honor of my dad. He passed of bladder, liver and lung cancer.

It was a very successful night, we raised over $1.2 million for cancer research!!

LoCash performed and we danced all night long. My feet were killing me, I ended up taking off my shoes. The pic you see is me (in my socks) with Preston and Chris from LoCash. Yes I know, very classy. Many women get to this point, your feet just can't take it any longer.

Well I learned a very important trick to stop the pain and this works for men who walk a lot too!

Spray or rub lidocaine on your feet before putting on your heels/shoes. It will numb your feet just enough to make it through the night.

Try and let me know what you think.

By the way, I overheard new music coming from LoCash and it ROCKS!!

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