Would You Get the Neurolink Chip Implanted?

Elon Musk is developing a brain chip that will have many benefits, but also leaves me with many questions and concerns. He said he will be one of the first to get it and it is being built to help the paralyze to walk again. Think about it....If you had a spinal cord injury, if you were born blind, this could restore full body functionality.

My concern, is this something that could be hacked? Imagine someone hacking into the the Neurolink and controlling you and make you do something you don't want to do or completing shutting it down?

So far, no human has had the chip implanted yet. It's only been tested on animals and not FDA approved. Elon Musk showed footage of a monkey with a chip in its skull playing “telepathic video games,” when Neuralink first debuted over a year ago.

Would you get the chip?

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