Empower Field Supporting Damar Hamlin

I was scrolling through my FB feed and saw Kirk Yuhnke, from Good Day Colorado on FOX31, posted a pic he took of Empowered Field. The colors you see are the colors of the Buffalo Bills and the reason why Broncos are not shining their orange and blue is because of Damar Hamlin. As you know by now, during Monday nights game, he suffered a heart attack. It was scary to see, but also a rollercoaster of emotions emerged from everyone in the stadium and those watching from home. The players created a wall around him as they gave him CPR in hopes to get a pulse.

This tragedy has put so many things in life in perspective, especially for NFL players, coaches and fans. Many have shown their support by donating to his charity he created in 2020. Many players donated money, including Russell Wilson donating $10,000.

He is in critical condition currently, but everyone is praying for a positive outcome for this young 24 year old.

God bless you Damar Hamlin.

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