Tiger Woods Ex Sues for $30 Million

Tiger Woods' ex-girlfriend is suing for $30 million, she claims he deceitfully threw her out of their home...it was super shady, but smart.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Erica Herman and Tiger had been living together in his Hobe Sound, Florida home for six years before deciding to split last fall.

Erica says she performed "valuable services" for the athlete in exchange for living there rent-free. She adds that they had an oral tenancy agreement, they allegedly agree it was supposed to last five more years.

According to TMZ, "Erica claims Tiger's people convinced her to pack a suitcase last fall for a short vacation without Tiger. Once they arrived at the airport, she was told she'd been 'locked out' of the house and could not go back."

Erica also claims they took more than $40,000 in cash she had at the house, and accused her of stealing the money.

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