NFL Smelliest Fans

I guess if you're a true NFL fan, you are superstitious and smelly! According to a survey from, the Raiders are the stinkiest fans out there! Most of the fans allegedly don't wash their underwear.

Here are the three biggest takeaways from their survey:

Nearly 60% admitted to refraining from washing their underwear

To make it even nastier for us men: Women are more likely to partake in this superstition than we are

Las Vegas Raiders: 57.14% (of fans leave underwear unwashed due to superstition)

Minnesota Vikings: 50%

Jacksonville Jaguars: 40%

Kansas City Chiefs: 37.5%

Denver Broncos: 35%

Atlanta Falcons: 32.39%

Carolina Panthers: 29.69%

Arizona Cardinals: 27.94%

Miami Dolphins: 27.27%

Chicago Bears: 24.17%

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