The Best Fried Food You Need To Try In Colorado

Baskets of Onion Rings, Curly Fries and Cheese Sticks

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If Americans are known for one thing when it comes to food, it's frying our favorite eats. From fries and chicken to Oreos and whole crabs, people are always wondering what they can dip into some hot oil. Just like how every state has its own iconic dishes and recipes, they also have their own unique fried foods, as well.

That's why Mashed rounded up every state's most delicious fried food, which ranges from fried pickles and seafood to hot dogs and pastries.

According to the list, Colorado's top pick is fried Pueblo chiles! Writers explained why you should try this delicacy:

"The Pueblo chile is a local treasure in that state of Colorado. This unique chile variety was first cultivated at the beginning of the 20th century and became an important feature of the local economy, but its origin is still shrouded in mystery. There are many ways to enjoy Pueblo chile, but you want to go for the stuffed (relleno) version. Though it also comes in baked form, fried stuffed Pueblo chile is the ultimate delicacy in which the crispy shell is usually loaded with gooey cheese."

If you're still curious about other states' fried foods, visit for the full list.

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