The Most Unusual Restaurant In Colorado

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The United States is home to both natural and man-made oddities, and restaurants are no different. Americans can have amazing yet strange dining experiences, from laundromats, jailhouses, and even airplanes to joints that take you back in time and have you eat as people did centuries ago. Sometimes it's not just the building or theme, it can also be the quirky decor surrounding you during your meal.

LoveFood found those eccentric eateries and more in one of their most recent lists. The website rounded up the most unusual restaurant in every state.

According to writers, Colorado's most unusual restaurant is The Airplane Restaurant! Here's why this restaurant was chosen:

"This unusual restaurant in Colorado Springs is housed in an old Boeing KC-97 tanker. Built in 1953, this plane flew the world before being decommissioned in 2002. It can seat 42 'passengers' in the plane area of the 275-seater restaurant, surrounded by historic aviation memorabilia and artefacts. However, you won't find bland airplane food here. The menu includes tasty burgers, salads, seafood, steaks, and ribs."

You can find this restaurant at 1665 N. Newport Rd. in Colorado Springs.

Curious about other eccentric restaurants across the country? Check out the full list on

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