Hannah Ellis Pairs Love Of Wine With Country Roots: 'Boujee AND Back Roads'

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Hannah Ellis expertly pairs her love for wine with her country roots on her new summer-worthy anthem. The Kentucky native kicked off the weekend with “Wine Country,” which made its debut on Friday (June 9). 

“Don't need a long stem glass to drink high class don't mind a plastic clink clink/ I got expensive taste, but I'm small-town-made, that's how Daddy raised me/ I put the boujee in the backroads/ Give me a bonfire and some vino
“I like my wine country, boots, muddy/ A little California in Kentucky/ Black Lucchese's, dukes like Daisy/ City sipping on a tailgate/ Cabernet in a solo cup/ I’m throwing down with my pinky up/ Go on if you wanna judge me/ But I like my wine country”

Ellis said “Wine Country” is a tribute to the idea that people can express two sides of themselves at the same time, even if those sides don’t appear to blend at first. She wrote in an Instagram caption on Friday morning that “this song is about the idea that you don’t have to be ‘this OR that’ you can be ‘this AND that’. Boujee AND back roads. You don’t have to choose one lane; drive ‘em all.” The music video is slated to premiere on CMT, Ellis announced earlier this week with a teaser that showed her stepping up to the bar and ordering a glass of red wine at Robert’s Western World on Lower Broadway in Downtown Nashville, Tennessee. As the wine swirls around the glass, Ellis is transported to Napa Valley, California.

Wine Country” follows previously-released fan-favorites like “Someone Else’s Heartbreak,” “Us,” “Country Can” and others. Listen to Ellis’ latest release here:

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