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Jennifer Starbuck

Publisher/Owner Highlands Ranch City Lifestyle magazine

To whom it may concern,

Living in Colorado for 28 years, I’ve long heard about Denise Plante. She’s been the friendly face on local television, the bubbly voice on the radio, a familiar presence in local media. A few months back I had the opportunity to hear Denise speak in person at a chamber of commerce event. She got my attention that day. I’m constantly meeting people in the community with my work as a magazine publisher. Part of my job is to bring stories of influential people and businesses — the movers and shakers in my community doing great things in commerce, philanthropy and nonprofit and civic work. My goal is to use these stories to build a powerful community and help create a strong sense of place and camaraderie. When I heard Denise speak, I knew I wanted to feature her in our January 2024 Health + Wellness issue. Here is a powerful entrepreneur and businesswoman in media, who has used her platform to help various nonprofits, and still manages to put a smile on her face. Most striking for me, she’s doing all that as a double care-giver. You know, that sometimes stressful situation we middle aged women find ourselves in when navigating child rearing, all while helping our aging parents manage the last years of their lives. It’s like learning to ride a unicycle while juggling Grandma’s china. Part of the appeal of Denise’s story was that she had made the decision in 2021 to work remotely while being a full-time caregiver to her father, who passed away after a battle with cancer. This was a great health and wellness angle as we entered the new year — how to make time for self-care while maintaining the demands of professional and personal life. But literally while we were working on our January story, for a second time Denise took on the role of helping a parent transition to death. Her mother entered home hospice care in Denise’s home. She held her mother’s hand in her last moments, and she was able to compose her thoughts in real time to finish our story. I cannot tell you how impactful Denise’s story has been to our readers. We have had so many positive responses to this story, emails and direct messages on social media. These have all been notes of encouragement to Denise and her family, but also notes of gratitude that Denise was open about her particular trials in life, her galvanizing faith, and her trademark humor that offers a breath of fresh air. We can get through hard times. Denise was also the featured speaker at our City Lifestyle Live Well event on Jan. 24, our first annual health and wellness expo. I personally heard from many of the 60 people who attended who were touched by Denise’s encouragement. I’m proud of Denise and what she was willing to teach our South Denver audience, and wholeheartedly believe she is deserving of recognition as being an inspirational businesswoman and media figure, as well as devoted daughter, wife, mother and role model to countless others.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter to wholeheartedly recommend Denise Plante, whose outstanding commitment and dedication to the Make-A-Wish Colorado cause have left an indelible mark on our organization.

Denise Plante has been an invaluable supporter of Make-A-Wish Colorado, and I have had the pleasure of witnessing her unwavering dedication to our mission. As the CEO of Make-A-Wish Colorado, I am honored to share my insights into Denise's exceptional contributions, particularly her instrumental role in the success of our 40th Anniversary Whiskey, Wine, and Wishes event in 2023.

Denise played a pivotal role in the planning and execution of the event, showcasing her exceptional organizational and leadership skills. Her ability to rally support and mobilize resources was evident in the record-breaking amount raised during the event. Under Denise's guidance, the 40th Anniversary celebration not only met but exceeded our expectations, significantly contributing to the fulfillment of more wishes for children facing critical illnesses in Colorado.

One of the standout aspects of Denise's involvement was her tireless efforts in promoting the event. Her extensive network, coupled with her charismatic and passionate approach, significantly boosted the event's visibility. Denise's effective communication skills and her ability to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds played a crucial role in attracting sponsors, donors, and attendees, resulting in a substantial increase in funds raised.

Beyond her contributions to the 40th Anniversary event, Denise consistently demonstrates a deep commitment to the values and goals of Make-A-Wish Colorado. Her passion for our mission is contagious, and she has become a beacon of inspiration within our community.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Denise Plante for her exceptional dedication, leadership, and commitment to Make-A-Wish Colorado. She has proven herself as an invaluable asset to our organization, and I am confident that her continued involvement will yield even greater successes in the future.

Please feel free to contact me if you require any additional information or if I can be of further assistance.

Sincerely, Scott Dishong

President and CEO, Make-A-Wish Colorado

To whom it may concern:


I'm thrilled to share our journey with Denise Plante, a relationship that's become a highlight for us at John Elway Dealership Group.


From the get-go, when we teamed up with Denise through 106.7 The Bull, we felt a spark. Her reputation around Denver and our shared commitment to treating customers like family made it feel right from the start. And, oh, how right it was!


Denise doesn't just represent us; she's become part of our family. Whether she's crafting a heartfelt commercial, supporting our community projects, or sharing our story on social media, she puts her heart into it. Her dedication shines in every word and every post.


Life throws curveballs, and we've had our share. When Covid turned things upside down, Denise was there, adjusting our message to keep everyone informed and safe. And through her own tough times, like losing her parents, her strength and commitment never wavered. It's more than professional; it's personal for Denise, and that's something truly special.


Denise's commitment to our dealership shines brightly, especially through her support in our community engagements. When we sponsored the Future City program, aimed at inspiring middle school students, Denise didn't just participate — she led with heart, serving as a judge and spontaneously taking on the role of emcee, adding an unforgettable touch to the event. Her dedication was equally palpable at the Women In Business conference, a key event we supported. Denise's decision to not only attend but also to emcee, elevated the event, deeply resonating with attendees and showcasing her commitment to supporting our dealership's community initiatives.


Saying we value Denise feels like an understatement. She's not just a part of our team; she's part of our story, and we can't wait to see what the next chapter brings.



Debbie Waines

Debbie Waines

Advertising/Marketing Director

John Elway Dealership Group


Subject: Gracie Award Letter of Recommendation for Denise Plante

Dear Gracie Awards Committee,

In writing this recommendation for Denise Plante to be considered for a Gracie Award, it is not lost on me that the namesake of this award demonstrated the ultimate Grace, something that Denise exemplifies daily, even in the face of adversity.

Denise is one of the most popular radio personalities in the Denver market and has been connecting with listeners for more than 25 years. One of the most commendable aspects of Denise's work is her genuine care for the community. She has consistently used her platform to support local charities, nonprofit organizations, and community events. For example, since her dad passed from Cancer in 2021, she has helped raise over $2 million for the American Cancer Society.

I have had the privilege of observing Denise's remarkable impact firsthand, both professionally and personally. She is the first to agree to emcee events, and even volunteers before being asked. She recently emceed a fundraiser for a youth suicide awareness nonprofit organization. Her involvement goes beyond simply promoting these causes; she actively volunteers her time and resources to make a tangible difference.

Denise is a true leader in our community, a champion of women, and a role model for young girls, including my 9-year-old daughter who is a devoted listener of Denise's radio show. She had the opportunity to meet her in person, and the encounter left an indelible impression on my daughter, inspiring her in ways that go beyond entertainment. Denise's ability to connect with young minds is truly extraordinary, and the positive influence she has had on my daughter's confidence and self-expression is immeasurable. Denise even invited my daughter to her studio and let her see behind the scenes. Denise’s attentiveness and compassion has instilled a sense of courage and self-assurance in my daughter, encouraging her to embrace her uniqueness and navigate the world with confidence.

Beyond her impact on my family, Denise's commitment to uplifting others is evident in her broader community involvement. She recently shared her journey of caring for her aging mother, while caring for herself and her family. Through her storytelling abilities, she was able to connect with so many people and inspire them to overcome challenges in a healthy way. Whether through charitable initiatives, mentorship programs, or speaking engagements, Denise consistently demonstrates a passion for making a positive difference in the lives of those she touches. No one deserves recognition more than she does.

Denise's radio programs have become a reliable source of information, entertainment, and inspiration for our community. She has a unique ability to address relevant issues and discuss them in a way that resonates with her listeners. Whether it is shedding light on social injustices, promoting local businesses, or spreading awareness about important community initiatives, Denise tackles each topic with sensitivity, empathy, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Sincerely, Deborah Takahara Public Information Director Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (c) 720-362-0994

As a girl growing up in Colorado, I loved listening to Denise Plante on the radio and seeing her on TV - she was someone I admired and looked up to. Someone I wanted to be someday. 

So the day I saw her walk into the salon I was working at, I could not believe I was going to be in the same room as my role model. 

She saw the owner at the time, but one day she could not do Denise’s hair, so the owner sent her to me! 

We instantly connected and she encouraged me to stand up for myself and follow after my dreams. She would have me on her TV show to promote my hair and makeup business. And when I started my hat company, she invited me on TV to help start my launch. 

She has introduced me to so many people who have helped advance my career. She mentions my name in rooms to further my dreams. She truly is a woman who not only fights for what she is worth, but brings up other women with her! I am so lucky I am one of those women. 

It was 7 years ago, I moved salons and she followed me. A year ago, I bought that salon and became the owner and she was my biggest cheerleader when I took the leap. 

Denise has taught me how to be a strong business woman and nice to everyone at the same time. Because of her, I have taken risks I would not have had the courage to take without her as my role model. 

It is a wonderful thing when a role model becomes a friend. We have laughed, cried, and gone through life’s major challenges together. Watching her navigate life with grace, helps me as I do the same. 

She is undoubtedly beautiful, but it is her inner beauty that really shines! 

This summer after my dad was in the hospital and I was going through a hard time, I wanted a happy distraction, so I asked if she happened to have any extra tickets to see Taylor Swift. Denise only had tickets for her and her husband, but she invited me to go to Taylor Swift with her on her Birthday in place of her husband (Thank you Mike). 

It was a concert of a lifetime and a happy memory I really needed at the time. She even got swag for me to give my daughter! It was an experience I would have never had if it was not for her! 

She is a woman who should achieve every award and honor in life. I cannot wait to see what she decides to do next!!! 

Thank you Denise for showing me the ropes and being the best role model for me and my daughter. And showing me the only ceiling is the ones we make ourselves and to shatter that thing! 

Much Love,

Elizabeth DiGiorgio

The Storybrick Salon 

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