Recalled Sunscreen Sold In Colorado Poses Risk Of 'Fungal Skin Infection'

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Summer is just around the corner and that means people are likely going to spending more time outdoors, going for a dip in the pool, exploring amusement parks, taking long-awaited vacation and overall simply enjoying some time in the sun. Sunscreen is a major addition to any skincare routine to protect against the harmful rays of the bright summer sun, but one type of sunscreen has been recalled all around the country due to the potential for causing an unwanted reaction.

Suntegrity Skincare first issued a recall of several lots in multiple shades of its Suntegrity Impeccable Skin Sunscreen Foundation on May 24 after a "higher than acceptable" microbiological mold count of Aspergillus Sydowii developed in some samples that discovered post-release, according to the recall notice shared by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. On June 11, the recall expanded to include even more lot numbers out of an abundance of caution.

According to the FDA, a topical product contaminated with Aspergillus Sydowii could "potentially cause an allergic skin reaction and related symptoms" as well as "a primary fungal skin infection if used on open wounds or sunburned skin." It could also cause eye infections if it gets into the eye.

The recalled products, labeled as a way to prevent sunburn and sold in retailers and online both on the company website and through Amazon, were packaged in 2 ounce orange tubes, with the lot number found on the back of the product near where the tube is sealed.

As of time of the recall, no adverse events connected to the products have been reported; however, anyone who has purchased the products should stop use "immediately." For more information and to find the full list of recalled lot numbers, visit the recall notice at

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