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Country Stars Share The Hottest Foods They’ve Ever Eaten

We all love to talk about food, and tis the season!

As we prepare to belly up to the Thanksgiving dinner table to give our sincere appreciation, we should also savor some of the moments where we ate the spiciest dishes and were just thankful to have survived.

Cody Alan’s “Burning Question” is a real flame thrower for these celebrities as they reveal the spiciest dishes that they have endured. As it turns out, some like it hot! Here’s what three A-listers had to share:

Scotty McCreery: “My buddy has a dad who got something from Kentucky, like, in like the hills and man, I tried a toothpick of it… It was a HOT sauce. It was called “Code Blue,” they had a “Code Red” and “Emergency Room” too. It was so hot it put me out for a couple of hours.”

Thomas Rhett: “Bolton’s Hot Chicken. You ever had Bolton’s here? I had just one of the pickles that had some of the sauce on it. Me and Lauren, like, couldn’t eat for like two hours.”

Dierks Bentley: “Ghost Peppers. I have some of them at the house right now. Just touching them will make your hands burn. They will burn throughout the entire process of consumption and extraction, there is a burning sensation.”

The heat is on.

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