Confessions Of A Procrastinator

My wife tells me I sometimes put the PRO in procrastination.  That's the case, today.  I finally got yelled at for not writing a blog yet.  So...I decided to figure it out.

First of all, I'm new to Sacramento.  My wife Chelsea and I most recently lived in Phoenix, Arizona.  However, this move is closer to home for we're both from Oregon.

We have two dogs, Lady and Maverick.  They are crazy, spoiled, and adorable.  Lady is the cocker spaniel, because we're creative.

For fun, we love to travel, take day trips, drink wine, go off roading, and of course, MUSIC.  We are both huge Country fans, and are very excited for the concert season this year.   Seriously, being married to someone who loves Country as much as I do is the best thing, ever.  Mainly because instead of having to spend money on flowers and jewelry (I still do), I can just bring home new albums. sum it up, we're very excited to start our journey in Sacramento.  If you want to know anything else about me, just ask.

Oh, also, check out this super cool video I found on YouTube! 

My Dogs, Lady and Maverick

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