#MusicTestTuesday - 5/22/18

I've decided to give you a weekly blog, something that you can count on to help you discover a song, or maybe a few, that might be good to add to your iHeartRadio playlist.

So...here goes nothing...we'll start off with a song that I believe is going to be a BIG smash from Luke Bryan.

Luke Bryan - Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset

It's no secret, Luke Bryan has been on a roll lately. Every song over the last few years that he's release, has gone the distance and made it to the top of the charts.

The song hits you from the opening lyric.  It's Luke at his best, and it isn't "bro" at all.  Check it out and drop a comment.

Maddie & Tae - Friends Don't

These girls made a huge impact back in 2014 with "Girl In A Country Song" and followed up with a strong showing with their song"Fly."  But, then their record label dissolved and they were left trying to figure out what's next.

Fast forward a few years, and these "girls" are now young women, and have a new perspective on music. I'd say it's a more mature sound for them, too.

Sam Hunt - Downtown's Dead

After 18 months of riding the massive success of "Body Like A Backroad" and taking some time to enjoy life for a bit, Sam Hunt dropped this new song last week.

Downtown's Dead blurs the lines of musical genre even further, as Sam has embraced over the last few years.  It garnered over 100 adds its first impact week, which is a good sign as to how much the radio missed Sam Hunt.

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