Garth Brooks Confirms All Of The 'Urban Legends' About Himself

Garth Brooks heard the fans and he dropped a new song called "Dive Bar" that is expected to be on his next album Fun coming out, hopefully, in 2019 or early 2020. The song comes as a collaboration with Blake Shelton. Brooks and Shelton are both Oklahoma boys so when the song was first recorded Brooks confesses it was hard to tell the difference between their voices. Brooks says that Shelton came in and nailed his take in one shot, but "that wasn't fun" so they stuck around and recorded together for awhile.

On the day of his new song release Brooks stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about some 'Urban Legends' around him and his career. He confirmed all of them were true...

  • Brooks refused to accept the AMA for Artist of the Year because he said others deserved it more. On the whole situation, Brooks told Bobby Bones that Boys II Men, Salt-N-Pepa, and Hootie & the Blowfish all deserved it more than him.
  • Brooks helped evacuate two boys from their Oklahoma home, and they didn't realize they were saved by Garth Brooks until their neighbor told him. Brooks confirmed this story, but he said you don't even realize you're saving someone while its all happening.
  • Brooks once paid a songwriter $10K after not recording his song as promised. Again, Brooks confirmed that this story is true, but he would discuss it more with Bones off air.
  • Brooks originally sang "Friends In Low Places" as a demo for another artist before he got to record it himself. Brooks confirmed that he recorded this as a demo for what he thought was George Strait. Turns out obviously it never got recorded and Brooks got a call about a year after the demo and was told he could record the song. He also shared that before it was confirmed, Brooks was already singing it on the road because he loved the song so much.

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