'Oreo' Releases Three New flavors

Oreos are my jam. Especially dipped in peanut Butter OHHHMYYYGODDDDD.

But this I'm not sure I'm on board with:

Oreo has rolled out three new flavors: cherry cola, kettle corn and piña colada.

The Cherry Cola Oreos have a cherry-cola-flavored creme filling with little popping candies, while the Pina Colada Oreos have a coconut- and pineapple-flavored creme and will come in Oreo Thins form. The Kettle Corn Oreos will have a buttery kettle corn taste with little puffed pieces in them. 

Oreo took submissions on the new flavors and after looking at taste appeal, creativity and originality they picked these three. You can vote on your favorite and the winning flavor will receive $500,000. HOLY MONEY.

I think I'll stick to my plain Jane original Oreos... 

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