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Chelsea Thomas

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"Chelsea Tries It" Tuesday

Hiii hiii! 

I'm Chelsea. I'm the newest member of the Bull! I'm on from 10-3 Monday-Saturday! (I use a lot of exclamation points...sorry)

I just recently moved here (obviously) from Louisville, Kentucky. Where the big 'ole Kentucky Derby is. I used to work in Top 40 radio, but my passion is in country music so I'm SOOOOO flipping excited to be here! 

I have a 5 year-old Border collie, Sophia and she's my baby:

Since I'm new to the area I'm going to start a weekly blog called "Chelsea Tries It." Every week I'm going to try something new. Whether that be a park/trail/restaurant/coffee shop/or a concert venue I'm not sure yet! Just something local, and something new every week!

This weekend I went to my first Rockies game. Super sad they lost but I had a blast!

I had a hot dog the size of my head so it was a great day...

So where should I go next?!?! Message me on Instagram or Twitter and let me knowww!! :

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