"Chelsea Tries It" - Topgolf

Every week I try something new (restaurants, local places, hikes, makeup routines, recipes, etc.) and write about it with "Chelsea Tries It!!" 

This week I tried Topgolf! I had seriously always wanted to try one, but I never lived in a city that had one close enough. Now I do!! 

It's right in Centennial:

It was a BLAST. The first time you go, each person has to pay $5 for a membership card, but you only pay for it one time. 

You then pay for a booth per hour. 6 people can fit into a booth. So its SUPER affordable to more friends you have to go with. 

**We went before 5 pm which makes it $35 a booth/hr compared to $45.

They also have super yummy food and drinks!

they have a bunch of different games you can chose to play. We chose the easiest, which was just Topgolf, you basically just try to get it in any hole you can:

I HIGHLY suggest asking to be on one of the high floors, I just thought it was more fun. I also kind of wish I asked to be on the right-hand side, because I think behind right-handed, my balls would have just gone closer to the targets, haha but that's just me. 

Also, I lost REAL bad. But it was still super fun. 

I love that this place is for hardcore golfers, and for people who have ZERO clue what they are doing (like meeee!!)

Two thumps up for Topgolf from me!!