Punk Rock Band NOFX Jokes About Route 91 Shooting

My blood is boiling writing this...

A Punk Rock Band, "NOFX," who I've never even heard of, made a TERRIBLE joke about the Route 91 Shootings in Vegas while headlining the Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival over the weekend in Downtown Las Vegas.

They said, "I mean that sucked, but at least they were country fans and not punk rock fans." And some other things that you can see in the video below: (around the 9:40 mark)

Many people began booing as soon as the statement was made.

So terrible. In no way shape or form was this funny. So many people lost their lives at Route 91, and so many family and friends were affected because of it. 

NOFX, how dare you? And you say it in Vegas?! 

You have zero respect and your lack of empathy is disgusting. I hope you're never able to play in Vegas again.

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