Fallen Soldier's Newborn Baby Takes Amazing Photo with His Unit

This made my heart break into 5 million little pieces... 

Army Specialist Chris Harris sadly was killed in Afghanistan in August 2017.  A suicide bomber attacked a NATO convoy according to CBS News Reports.

Just days before the attack, Chris, 25, had learned he was going to be a dad. So incredibly sad. 

His wife, Britt Harris, gave birth in March.  His unit from Ft. Bragg gathered to celebrate the birth of her baby girl, who was named after her daddy: Christian Michelle Harris. 

While they were together in celebration, Pinehurst Photography took one very special photo: 

In the photo she is being held by all of her dad's fellow soldiers. She also has her daddy's dog-tags around her neck and her onesie reads "My Daddy, My Hero." 

Oh my heart. Sweet baby girl. 

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