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Nike Dropped Fanny Pack Sandals On Us...

THIS IS REAL LIFE GUYS!!!! Nike has released a pair of "fanny-pack sandals." Just in time for summer...

GQ wrote:

Nike has reimagined its classic Benassi slide for summer 2018, which means they’re now available in blinding neon shades—and also are a good ways into the deep end. The simple be-Swooshed strap—you know, that piece of rubber that holds your foot secure—has been replaced by a zippered compartment, pouchy and crescent-shaped, with a logo patch on the front. Yes, these are the “Fanny Pack” Benassi slides and…they are ungodly, but also maybe brilliant.

I kinda love it...

My question though is, what do you put in them?!!

Snacks? Nail polish? Chapstick?! What!?!?

I will say though, you'd be a HUGE hit walking around in those bad boys at a pool party. Just sayin'. 

And if someone approaches you and says, "WHAT ARE THOSEEEE?!!"

You must respond with:

Haha. Love it. Happy Summmer!!

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