​Lemonade Company to Pay Fines of Kids Busted for Selling Lemonade at Stand

I could not love this more. It'a also a GENIUS PR move by the company. 

Country Time lemonade has offered to pay the fines of any children penalized for operating a lemonade stand without a permit. 

The company will cover fines or fees up to $300 per child and has allocated $60,000 for such fines and fees. According to their “Legal-ade” site, the child has to be 14 or younger and running a lemonade stand.  

Was that seriously not the cutest video of all time?! Haha.... 

There was even a recent shut down in Colorado!! Over Memorial Day weekend, police shut down a Colorado kids’ lemonade stand over a permit issue.

"Legal-ade" I love it!!!! 

More info HERE!

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