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"Chelsea Tries It" - Pikes Peak!

Yesterday, B-dub, B-dub's wife, and I went to Pikes Peak!

It was my first time. All I knew was that it was about two hours the the top from Denver, and they had donuts when you got there. So I was ALL IN, haha.

May or may not have been a super fun companion on the ride there:

After about an hour we got there:

During the summer you pay about $15 a person to get in. Which is SO worth it. Trust me.

The drive up is insanely beautiful. But if you're not super great with heights (like me) it may take you a second to adjust.... 

It was all worth it though when we FINALLY got to the top! (holy heck did I have to pee. There's porty potties on the way though.)

Word of advice: DO NOT start running/jogging/walking fast when you get to the top, you'll feel like you have to pass out because the lack of oxygen. You get used to it though. 

It WAS SO WORTH IT for those donutsssss. Haha 

The Summit is at 14,115 ft and a lot colder than the bottom of the mountain. Bring a sweatshirt.

They have a really cool gift shop where you can buy tshirts/mugs/keychains, etc. at the top as well! It was a fun experience. 

They do have a shuttle you can take the last few miles, but the lines can get lengthy. You can drive yourself to the top if you like.  

Honestly though, the drive down was my favorite part.

1. Because I wasn't so freaked out by the height anymore.

2. You can more easily stop at some super awesome photo taking locations. 

My absolute favorite part though was the Crystal Reservoir towards the bottom of the mountain. It's gorgeous. 

I honestly don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful park/reservoir/mountain in my life.

I give the day a 9/10. It's definitely a day trip that takes a whole day, and takes some energy. But very worth it.

P.S. If you have time, make time to stop for dinner in the little town of Manitou Springs on the way back. They have the cutest downtown I have ever seen!! 

More info on Pikes Peak HERE!

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