ABC is Bringing Back "Lost" ...

ABC is bringing back "Lost," as a REALITY SHOW.  It actually sounds like a cross between "Lost" and "Survivor".  It's called "Castaway", and here's how it works:

12 contestants will be dropped ALONE on a string of islets in Indonesia.  And they'll have to survive on washed-up luggage, scattered resources, and abandoned structures, as if they survived some kind of disaster.

But they won't know at first that they're not the only ones playing.  Over the course of the show, they'll come to learn there are others, but they won't know where or how many there are.

Also, the action will be mixed with documentary-style FLASHBACKS of the contestants' lives before they left for the show, like "Lost"

The only way off the island is to make it to an unknown end date or QUIT.  It's not clear if there's any money involved.  The show has apparently already been shot, because it premieres on Tuesday, August 7th. 

More info HERE! 

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