Starbucks Announced All Stores Are Going Strawless By 2020

According to Thrillist:

Joining a growing horde of brands, chains, and entire cities that have eliminated or banned plastic straws in an effort to cut down on plastic pollution in the ocean, Starbucks announced on Monday that it will be phasing them out entirely from all locations by 2020. In their place, the company is introducing a recyclable lid -- which it already uses for Draft Nitro and Cold Foam beverages -- for most cold drinks. Straws made from alternative materials like paper and compostable plastic will still be available for Frappuccinos and to anyone who requests one. 

The move to ditch its signature green plastic sipping instrument will reportedly eliminate more than one billion plastic straws that are used per year. It's obviously not going to solve the issue of giant garbage islands floating in the middle of the oceans, but it should certainly make a dent.

The new lids will be phased in to every Starbucks in Seattle and Vancouver this fall, with more regions following suit.

I LOVE straws but I love sea creatures more. SAVE THE TURTLES!! 

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