Video Footage Showing George Clooney's Motorcycle Crash

This is so scary!!!

George Clooney is okay but recovering after he was hit by a car in Sardinia yesterday while he was riding a scooter. 

He is on the Italian island to film "Catch-22". 

He left his hotel and was headed down the road when a Mercedes turned right in front of him. He hit the car head on, flew into the air over the handlebars, and was reportedly hurled about 20 feet. His helmet, which broke during the crash, smashed the windshield of the Mercedes.Reports say Clooney was doing 60mph at the time of the crash.

He was taken to a hospital by ambulance but suffered only minor injuries to his knee, and possibly pelvis, along with bruises. Clooney has since been released and will resume filming in a couple of days.

Video footage of the crash has now been released: 

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