Chelsea's Daily Dose!!

** There were rumors that Gwen Stefani secretly married over the weekend...NOPE...and won't be happening anytime soon.  A source said: “It’s so perfect as it is, and they’re aware that sometimes getting married can add an extra pressure to a relationship, and they don’t want to risk that right now. They’ve both been married before so they don’t see the point of rushing things.” 

** Tesla sold surfboards over the weekend and they sold out in one day!! The boards sold at $1,500 a pop for customers starting Saturday. But with only 200 available, the product sold out by Sunday afternoon. 

Hopeful consumers will now have to try their luck on eBay, where they will have to pay a premium: the surfboards are selling from $2,000 to $5,000 there. 

**A patient entered a Denver hospital suffering from Ebola like symptoms . 

Medical officials say it's unlikely that the patient actually has Ebola.... The chief medical officer at Denver Health, Dr. Connie Price, said the hospital's initial lab tests for Ebola have been negative. However, the final determination will be made by state health officials. 

Dr. Price said the patient had symptoms that can be attributed to a number of common illnesses, but he'd recently returned from a medical missionary trip to the Congo. He was working in an area where the Ebola outbreak was over, but doctors decided to keep him in isolation until they can be certain he does not have the disease. 

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